The West in the red: Families and children missing out on crucial services

Last week Domain released their first ever Healthy Suburbs study – and the results don’t look good for our littlest Westies.

Families in Melbourne’s West are missing out on the allied community health facilities they need like dentists, GPs, and family support services.

The study rated Melbourne’s suburbs using 10 key indicators to make up their final healthy suburbs score. These included “recovery indicators” that help people recover from illness or injury and get medical help where and when they need it.

But right now we don’t have the services to support our growing communities. Families are missing out because the infrastructure we have is not keeping up with our speed of growth.

Our health centres don’t have enough space or resources to cope with our growing population of young people. Vulnerable families are going without the support they need to health their children thrive. Basic dental services are lacking in some parts of our region.

We know Melbourne’s West is a great place live and bring up a family, but without strong investment to meet the needs of our next generation it’s no wonder most suburbs only scored one star.

Our population is booming. Every day we are raising Melbourne’s future leaders. But to do it properly, we need health and support services that meet our needs.

How can we make sure we score better next time?

Generation West is a grassroots campaign, and together with families, the community, and healthcare providers, we are telling our MPs just what we need for our youngest Westies.

Ahead of the November election, we’re making sure our MPs are listening when we say we need more support services for struggling families, better access to dental care, and a plan for more maternal and paediatric services in the West.

Add your voice to the campaign to tell politicians that our little Westies must get the support and resources they need to thrive. Sign the Generation West petition and make sure your family and friends do too. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the campaign and ways that you can get involved.

Together, we can make sure that our communities get the resources they need to support Melbourne’s next generation.