The West is a great place to live and raise a family. That’s why the population in Melbourne’s West is booming. Over 40 babies are born here every day. That’s nearly 281 a week, and 14,610 babies a year!

Families in the West are raising the biggest generation of children Melbourne has ever seen.

But we don’t have the infrastructure and services to support our growing communities. Our health facilities don’t have enough space or resources they need to cope with our growing population of young people. Vulnerable families are going without support that would enable them to set their children up for healthy happy lives. Basic essential dental services are lacking in some parts of our region.

This has to change. Children in Melbourne’s West deserve better.

Doing the best for kids in the West today is what’s best for Melbourne’s future.

We are one of the youngest communities in the whole of Australia: our population has average age of only 34 years! That is because our population is made up of young families who are raising Melbourne’s next generation. In fact, nearly half of all households in Melbourne’s West are made up of families with children.

We have a huge opportunity in front of us - every day we are raising Melbourne’s future leaders. But to do it properly, we need support.

It’s time to step up and ensure our youngest and brightest aren’t missing out.

The first 1000 days of life are crucial to development. They are crucial to making sure children have the best start in life, and the best chance to thrive. But without the right infrastructure and resources, we can’t provide our children with the support they need and deserve.

Right now, families and children in the West are already missing out.

We don’t have the infrastructure and services we need, and with our population booming, things are only going to get worse.

Let’s make sure we don’t miss this huge opportunity to support Melbourne’s next generation.

That’s why we’re taking a stand. Politicians need to act now to ensure we can meet the needs of the next generation. It’s time to support Generation West.

Pledge your support to give every child in Melbourne’s West a chance to thrive