The West has the biggest generation of children Melbourne has ever seen

  • Our own mini baby boom

    Over 40 babies are born every day across the West . That’s nearly 281 a week, 1,218 a month, and 14,610 a year!
  • Family-focused

    Nearly half of all households in the West are made up of families with children. This is nearly 10% higher than both the State and National average.
  • We’re growing – fast!

    The West is growing by a “Geelong-sized city” every decade to 2050. By then we will have almost a million more people and represent over 20% of Melbourne’s population.
  • We’re young

    Over 1 in 5 residents of Melbourne’s West are aged under 15. 1 in 3 residents are aged under 25.

Doing the best for kids in the West today is what’s best for Melbourne’s future

  • Emily from Yarraville
    Mum of Charlotte, Harrison and Olivia

    “Our local community is really strong and welcoming. There are so many young families, which is why it's so important to us that health services for our community can keep up with population growth.”
  • Sarah from Niddrie
    Mum of Harry, Josh and Lucas

    “As a volunteer educator about pregnancy, my friends chat with me about how isolating it is when you have your first baby. We want to be there for other mums, but we need qualified specialists to train and support us to help other mums.”
  • Darshi from Point Cook
    Mum of Aagya and Aarya

    “In the last two months I’ve had to go to Sunshine Hospital twice because there are no facilities in my local area for treating children’s minor injuries. I love the West, but our GPs are under resourced and we don’t have the health services we need to support our families.”
  • Jen from Seddon
    Mum of Max and Lottie

    “At first I was grateful we had a residential early parenting centre in the West: I was anxious and needed help for exhaustion. Then I discovered there was a seven-week waiting list and nowhere else to turn! We desperately need the ability to help more families and reduce waiting lists.”

We have a plan to help kids thrive in the West

  • A comprehensive review and a new plan for maternal and paediatric services in Melbourne’s West

    We need a comprehensive review of maternal and paediatric services in Melbourne’s West to identify what we’re doing well, where there are gaps now, and where gaps might emerge in the future.
  • A Centre of Parenting Excellence in Melbourne’s West

    We need a Centre of Parenting Excellence at Tweddle to increase capacity and reduce waiting times for families who are struggling so they get help quickly, and risk factors for future health and wellbeing for babies can be identified and strategies put in place.
  • Expanding services for vulnerable families where they live

    We need investment in a new approach to health and social support services in the West’s most disadvantaged suburbs to ensure that every family and every child in the West has the same chance at a happy, healthy and thriving childhood.
  • Boosting dental health for children across our region

    We need proper dental services for kids in the West, and a boost to early years preventative dental programs.
  • More support for new parents before birth and after

    We need First 1000 Days Supporters in our neighbourhoods so that pregnant and new mothers have a safe and local place to come for help in raising their babies and toddlers.

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